Daily Archives: December 4, 2014

Cyberpeace: Moving Beyond a Narrative of Global Threats

The Internet security narrative is generally structured around threats and problems, and as a result, often leads to one-sided, top-down, control-oriented priorities. These lead to pervasive surveillance, siloed technology, balkanized networks, and other impediments to openness and a global, community Internet. We need to start climbing back to the top. In this session, we’ll talk […]

Biometrics in Beta: Experimenting on a Nation

In the developing world, privacy is often portrayed as a luxury, as something alien to local culture and of interest only to the elite. This ignores the probability of the most marginalized sections of a society being disproportionately impacted by privacy intrusive technologies. The hype about big data, open data, ICT4D and other buzzwords often […]

Web Women Want

Panel at RightsCon with Renata Avila, Global Campaigns Manager, World Wide Web Foundation (Moderator); Morgan Marquis-Bore, Security Researcher, Citizen Lab/Senior Security Engineer, Google; Felicity Ruby, Director of Global Internet Policy, Thoughtworks; Nnenna Nwakanma, Africa Regional Coordinator, The World Wide Web Foundation; Fieke Jansen, Programme Manager, Digital Defenders Partnership, Hivos; Jensine Larsen, Founder & CEO, WorldPulse […]

Funding Technology through Competitions and Challenges

Panel session at RightsCon with Jim Fruchterman, Founder and CEO, Benetech (Moderator); Michael Kleinman, Director of Investments, Humanity United; Michael Carbone, Manager of Tech Policy and Programs, Access; Karen Naimer, Director of Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Physicians for Human Rights; Kevin Starr, Managing Director of Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program, Mulago Foundation The session […]