Cyberpeace: Moving Beyond a Narrative of Global Threats

The Internet security narrative is generally structured around threats and problems, and as a result, often leads to one-sided, top-down, control-oriented priorities. These lead to pervasive surveillance, siloed technology, balkanized networks, and other impediments to openness and a global, community Internet. We need to start climbing back to the top. In this session, we’ll talk about whether and how that could include a new doctrine of cyberpeace, to foster mutual peace, trust, and transparency online, and to reduce incentives and opportunities to build boxes and closed environments of control and conflict.

Roundtable at RightsCon with Moderator Alex Fowler, Global Privacy and Public Policy Leader, Mozilla (Moderator); Megan Garcia, Nuclear Security Initiative Program Officer, Hewlett Foundation; Camille Francois, Fellow, Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society; Tim Maurer, Research Fellow, Open Technology Institute, New America Foundation; Aaron Shull, Counsel & Corporate Secretary, The Centre for International Governance Innovation