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Stopping Atrocities, Ensuring Accountability: Technology's Promise

In 2012, President Obama established a high-level, interagency Atrocities Prevention Board (APB) to create and implement a whole-of-government approach to atrocities prevention and response. The APB aims to strengthen the tools available to the government, and our partners, to launch robust policy responses in at-risk situations. This fireside chat will focus on ways that the […]

Using Technology to Counter Dangerous Speech

Added to during the Berkman Center luncheon. Preceding mass atrocities a red flag is raised to the world in the form of “Dangerous Speech” –a virulent subset of hate speech that which can catalyze violence by one group of people against another group. Ironically, this language, which proliferates on social media platforms and via SMS, […]

MetaData to Meta-Organizing

In this session, we will talk about the lived experience of local and domain-specific surveillance, like fusion centers, surveillance of poor people, and predatory targeting, and creative forms of resistance. We’ll also discuss disconnections between techies and communities historically most affected by tracking and data profiling in the United States, and opportunities for the future. […]

Cyberpeace: Moving Beyond a Narrative of Global Threats

The Internet security narrative is generally structured around threats and problems, and as a result, often leads to one-sided, top-down, control-oriented priorities. These lead to pervasive surveillance, siloed technology, balkanized networks, and other impediments to openness and a global, community Internet. We need to start climbing back to the top. In this session, we’ll talk […]

Biometrics in Beta: Experimenting on a Nation

In the developing world, privacy is often portrayed as a luxury, as something alien to local culture and of interest only to the elite. This ignores the probability of the most marginalized sections of a society being disproportionately impacted by privacy intrusive technologies. The hype about big data, open data, ICT4D and other buzzwords often […]

Web Women Want

Panel at RightsCon with Renata Avila, Global Campaigns Manager, World Wide Web Foundation (Moderator); Morgan Marquis-Bore, Security Researcher, Citizen Lab/Senior Security Engineer, Google; Felicity Ruby, Director of Global Internet Policy, Thoughtworks; Nnenna Nwakanma, Africa Regional Coordinator, The World Wide Web Foundation; Fieke Jansen, Programme Manager, Digital Defenders Partnership, Hivos; Jensine Larsen, Founder & CEO, WorldPulse […]

Funding Technology through Competitions and Challenges

Panel session at RightsCon with Jim Fruchterman, Founder and CEO, Benetech (Moderator); Michael Kleinman, Director of Investments, Humanity United; Michael Carbone, Manager of Tech Policy and Programs, Access; Karen Naimer, Director of Program on Sexual Violence in Conflict, Physicians for Human Rights; Kevin Starr, Managing Director of Rainer Arnhold Fellows Program, Mulago Foundation The session […]

RightsCon Intro

Opening set for RightsCon with Brett Solomon, Executive Director, Access; Nnenna Nwakanma, Africa Regional Coordinator, The World Wide Web Foundation; Mitchell Baker, Executive Chair, Mozilla; Marietje Schaake, European Parlimentarian