Using Technology to Counter Dangerous Speech

Added to during the Berkman Center luncheon.

Preceding mass atrocities a red flag is raised to the world in the form of “Dangerous Speech” –a virulent subset of hate speech that which can catalyze violence by one group of people against another group. Ironically, this language, which proliferates on social media platforms and via SMS, is also an early warning sign that creates a potential opportunity – an entry point – to prevent or forestall atrocities through “counter speech” and other techniques that do not suppress free speech. This workshop will present some ideas, and facilitate conversation around, early research on experiments designed to test counter speech and other methods to diminish expressions of hatred and dehumanization and other features of Dangerous Speech online – for when “don’t feed the trolls” isn’t enough.

Workshop at RightsCon with moderator Susan Benesch, Director, Dangerous Speech Project; Sally Smith, Managing Director, The Nexus Fund; Angela Okune, Research Lead, iHub Research; Derek Ruths, Director, Networks Dynamics Lab at McGill University

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