The very best 4 Complaints About FedLoan Servicing

The very best 4 Complaints About FedLoan Servicing

By Ben Luthi – Updated 30, 2020 47 Comments april

You didn’t have the option to pick your student loan servicer when you first got your federal student loan. But in the event that you have assigned to FedLoan Servicing, which manages approximately a 3rd of all of the federal education loan financial obligation, you could be in for an especially painful experience.

Within the summer time of 2018, we surveyed a huge selection of Student Loan Planner readers and asked them about their experience with their education loan servicers.

Nearly 1 / 2 of the those who reacted caused FedLoan, and so they offered the servicer on average 2.8 away from 5 movie stars.

From the 176 reactions we received about FedLoan, 53 of those were complaints. Here you will find the top four grievances FedLoan borrowers shared and what can be done if you experience them.

  • 1. Bad customer service
  • 2. Incorrect calculation of Public provider Loan Forgiveness re payments
  • 3. Mishandling of income-driven payment plans
  • 4. Incorrect payment processing
  • You skill if FedLoan can be your servicer
  • 1. Bad customer care

    We received 22 complaints concerning the FedLoan customer support group. “Unhelpful,” “incompetent,” and “inconsistent” were a few of the terms that summed within the response that is general.

    A client would get in touch with, by way of example, and obtain answers that are various different FedLoan customer service representatives. And it will simply take months to process requests that are simple. One respondent said:

    “I’ve had to call them at least 10-15 times into the previous 3 years to obtain them to repair errors they’ve made. I’ve had to keep these things audit my account twice. And final time the review ended up being likely to simply just take thirty day period. It took over 6 months.”

    Should you have to get in contact with Fedloan’s customer support division, there are some options that are available

    Phone: (800) 699-2908, through Friday, 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. (EST monday)

    Email: Send an email that is secure your internet Fedloan account.

    Fax: (717) 720-1628

    Mail: For communication:

    Harrisburg, PA 17106-9184

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    2. Wrong calculation of Public Service Loan Forgiveness re re payments

    If you’re working toward Public solution Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), expect you’ll encounter some hurdles with FedLoan Servicing. Eighteen of this complaints we received had been about how exactly the servicer handles this program.

    The absolute most common issue had been that FedLoan does not calculate the number of re payments that count toward this program precisely. You will need an overall total of 120 qualifying re payments to have your loans that are federal, therefore it could be infuriating to get out that you’re quick because your servicer is not doing its task. One study respondent wrote:

    “We had to refinance rather since they didn’t provide us with an exact repayment count.”

    Another issue ended up being having less reliable information about PSLF. Visitors whom called FedLoan for more information on the scheduled system had been met with customer support representatives who didn’t completely understand the way the program works.

    FedLoan’s problems with PSLF have gotten so incredibly bad that the Massachusetts attorney general filed a lawsuit against FedLoan Servicing in 2017. Into the problem, Attorney General Maura Healey accused the servicer of causing general public servants to lose advantages and help through PSLF while the Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant programs.

    The attorney general is looking for restitution for affected borrowers, in addition to penalties when it comes to servicer.

    3. Mishandling of income-driven payment plans

    We received seven complaints concerning the FedLoan control of income-driven repayment plan requests. These payment plans makes it easy for borrowers whom can’t afford their payments that are monthly find some relief.

    In some instances, customer care representatives just offered incorrect information on what’s available and just how the payment plans work. In others, they botched plan demands, forcing borrowers in order to make larger payments which they couldn’t pay for.

    In a single such situation, one study respondent reported that FedLoan, “could only repair it after almost a year, ensuing in me spending in the standard repayment plan up to $800 four weeks once I must have paid $105.”

    4. Incorrect payment processing

    Six visitors had objections as to just how FedLoan handles its payment processing. More often than not, the servicer didn’t apply repayments towards the outstanding loans accurately.

    In one single situation, the study respondent stated they received a page saying FedLoan had a need to make an “adjustment” to their account. The servicer finished up enhancing the major balance by $2,000, and when the debtor reached away to FedLoan, they got no reaction.

    A respondent said they kept seeing automatic payments coming out of their checking account even after they had paid off the loan in another example

    “It took a bit of the glory far from paying down certainly one of my loans, also it took plenty of strive to verify I happened to be properly refunded.”

    You skill if FedLoan can be your servicer

    We’re perhaps not the sole people that have noted customer that is bad with FedLoan Servicing. In 2019, the buyer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) received 1,829 complaints concerning the servicer.

    You have to stay with them although you can’t choose your federal student loan servicer, that doesn’t mean. At scholar Loan Planner, we are able to allow you to determine what related to your loans, and therefore plan can include consolidating your loans by having a brand new servicer or refinancing these with an exclusive lender.

    Anything you elect to do, it is crucial to understand if you’re fed up with a bad servicer that you have options. Be sure to file any complaints you have got aided by the CFPB, to see techniques to find another business to do business with that may provide an improved experience that is overall.

    Do any complaints are had by you regarding the servicer? Have actually you seriously considered changing?

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