The distinctions between US guys and Polish guys

The distinctions between US guys and Polish guys

Cross-cultural relationships will always complicated, but I’ve discovered my relationships with Polish males become much easier than due to their US counterparts.

How is it possible that males in Poland and guys in the usa are strikingly various when it comes to dating and relationships? Males are men everywhere, aren’t they? What differences does it make when they live right right here, in Australia, or in Argentina? Let’s get right down seriously to business: Polish guys simply don’t play games like Us citizens dudes do.

Ok, ok I’m mindful that you will find a few facets leading to this viewpoint. Firstly, we began dating Polish males after college. Possibly in twelfth grade and college all dudes are identical but I happened to be 22 once I came right right here like we were that mature so… it wasn’t. Additionally, we be noticed, so maybe that is why we didn’t have difficulty finding times in Poland. Or simply it is simply the dudes I’ve dated. But let’s lay those apart for a moment you what I really think so I can tell.

For me personally, Polish men overall appear to be more right down to earth. We hardly dated in university (We visited the University of Florida) exactly why is that? We hardly ever got expected away. Dudes had been pretentious. It absolutely was you to come to them or they thought they were too good for you like they wanted. So when they did show interest, it absolutely was short-lived or perhaps you needed to hunt them straight straight straight down for the next date. The games had been maddening. Issued, there weren’t a complete great deal of good choices for females and so the dudes had their choose and knew they might effortlessly find another person, particularly when they certainly were good-looking. Essentially, i felt like guys had been maintaining you at arm’s length in case one thing better came along.

Anyhow, right here’s exactly exactly how it struggled to obtain me personally right here in Poland. A guy was met by me once I first relocated right right here and then we straight away began dating. Me out one week later when we broke up 3 years later, my husband-then-student, asked. Therefore I have actuallyn’t been solitary much since we moved to Poland. We went from perhaps perhaps perhaps not dating much for 3-4 years to that particular. A dramatic change for the higher in the event that you ask me personally. Why will it be precisely? Like we stated, perhaps it is because I’m various, or perhaps is it that Polish guys are more aged?

Not only this, i am aware a complete great deal of partners in the usa who’ve been or had been together for a long time and years prior to getting hitched. After all like 6-7 years in university and after and simply couldn’t commit. I’m uncertain why. I’m not saying that marriage is essential. Also it is thought by me’s just a little old fashioned nowadays. You’ll need it I get why people don’t get married if you’re in a binational relationship but, otherwise. But, it will show that you’re devoted to each other.

Another sign of maturity in Poland, it doesn’t seem like the majority of people have commitment problems. It is rather the alternative here. It’s more like they avoid changing lovers. Not that i might ever condone this, however the wide range of high school/college sweethearts I’ve met is a lot like astronomical. Will it be because Poland is an even more spiritual and country that is traditional? Perhaps. Individuals have the force to early get married from their loved ones or culture? Might be. Generally speaking, Poles seem to get married prior to when People in america, even immediately after college around 24 or 25. Does which make Poles more relationship-oriented? Less skeezy that is? Maybe the security is preferred by them and also the *cough* hygiene one partner provides. Are Poles actually more prepared to commit than Americans? It really appears therefore. Or even simply the guys in Poland simply aren’t afraid to exhibit which they love and need their females.

Like we stated, maybe I’m simply overanalyzing and guys would be the everywhere that is same or even there’s one thing on it? Am we the one that is only sees it? Has anybody had an experience that is similar?

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Hi, I’m Ada and I also can state that we encounter one thing comparable. In my own nation (Poland) I happened to be hardly asked away, males weren’t enthusiastic about me personally. I’m learning french and I also had been several times in France. And there I’ve came across lots of men who have been enthusiastic about me personally and my present boyfriend is french. For me it’s one thing about upbringing and culture. It is like folks are selecting things they prefer more then their culture that is own which our figures. We don’t understand I think that must be something in it if i’m right but. ??

Ada – I was thinking one thing comparable like possibly it is simply the proven fact that I’m various right right here and also you had been various there and that is why?