Hire Me

Contact me via email about any of these, plus whatever your imagination comes up with!


Most of the work on this website is based on the stick figures I draw as another way of expressing an idea. This can be done live, or with forethought.

Drawing with Lead Time

As a way to create presentations chiefessays.net template essay, a video, or to better understand an idea, we can sit together and work through it visually. With lead time, I can sit with you to create anything ranging from a logo to a grant proposal workflow to a voiced-over animation. In person is preferred, so we can go through piles of post-it notes, talk through things, and eat lunch in each other’s company (helps me better impart your own humor and tone to the creation). You can see creations which fall into this category here.

We’re Doing It Live

By coming to (or listening in on) your conference, class, discussion, etc, I can produce drawings as we go. The visual summaries can augment blog posts, conference websites, and provide quick snippets of overview. Visualization can also be drawn on a live screen for attendees’ viewing pleasure (via projector or for live streams to remote attendees). All productions from live events are completed in tandem with the event. See examples here.


Disaster response and humanitarian aid event facilitation and organization happen with Geeks Without Bounds, of which I am Executive Director. These are work-focused events such as hackathons, as well as unconferences and conferences. We’d love to help you out, just email us at gwob at threadable dot com.


I love rooms of people. I love what they’re capable of. I love what people are able to do when you just get out of their way. With a decade of facilitation and moderation experience, alpha geeks, grey-haired experts, and enthusiastic newcomers all seem to find a way to learn from one another and build beautiful things.


I’ve spent time deeply invested in hackerspaces, alternative education, technology use in disaster response, mutual aid in humanitarian response, and interactive events. The way I do things works pretty well for folk, and I’d like more people to do things in a way I find useful. Let’s talk about how to make sure your event or initiative has the best chance to live up to all the ideals behind it.

Public Speaking

Enthusiasm, stick figures, and a humorous take on rather dire situations: speaking gigs are a great chance to condense a whole lot of knowledge into a small amount of time.

Willow bl00, “3 Weeks. No Checked Bags: Packing for Trips” from MIT CMS/Writing on Vimeo.coinbase