Education. The state-recognized practice-integrated education (PIA) is aimed primarily at applicants and applicants who have already to bring skilled experiences and more than 18 years old. The recording is decided by the school certificate along with a job interview.

Which access requirements are there for PIA training?

For admission for the PIA instruction at our social education for social pedagogy, you have to be over 18 years old at the starting of school. You will need either Abitur or Fachhochschulreife or maybe a medium educational degree plus a minimum of two years, completed vocational training or comparable (one particular FSJ is not adequate). The certificate kind to get a six-week internship within a social educational institution can be downloaded as a PDF file (not required when you’ve got completed the experienced pedagogy or kid care education. The accurate access specifications could be study as a PDF file or ask us.

What appears like the profile of PIA education:They conclude a college contract with the specialist school for social pedagogy. They conclude a instruction contract with a KITA carrier. The education lasts 3 years (parallel at the college and in the practice webpage). You’ll acquire a instruction allowance from your vehicle. The education is performed in close connection in the two understanding places of specialized school and practical workplace.All round duty for coaching is in the technical school. Prerequisite to get a college court is actually a education contract together with the carrier of a day care facility within a maximum of 30 km, which the technical college need to agree. At the time of application at our technical school, the contract does not have to be accessible. The list of our cooperation partners will help you locate a PIA practice spot. We collect a monthly administration charge.

“I’ve seen the PIA training as a opportunity for occupational re-entry. It truly is particularly necessary to me that I can understand in the exact same time and contribute towards the livelihood of my loved ones. The most significant challenge is to arrange for me, college and loved ones.” Lidia Drozd Stache, PIA course2.How is the coaching structured?The coaching at the Fachschule takes location more than the entire 3 years inside the scope of an average of about 22 hours per week. The practical training includes a total of no less than 2000 hours. Each of your 3 training years incorporates theoretical and practical shares, that are completed either weekly in the block or on two days a week within the practice facility and three days inside the technical school.Which training allowance is paid?Public and ecclesiastical vehicles pay a instruction allowance immediately after tariff. The earnings inside the educator profession are really beneficial.Are there any college holidays?No, for you personally holidays as an alternative to school holidays. The students are entitled to vacation in line with the applicable statutory or collective agreement regulations. The annual leave can only be taken through the holidays.What do Pia graduates report?

Direct insight into education: O-tones of PIA students to study (PDF). A reflection on the PIA instruction with experiences in the cooperation of school and practice webpage has published director Birgit Deiss-Niethammer published in Kindergarten right now within the March 2017 edition.”Through the continuous modify of teaching and practical events, it’s properly succeeded in checking school knowledge in practice and conversely to reflect its own sensible knowledge in the lessons with the support of theory. The motivation to know their very own educational function and apply information, I knowledge As computer science research proposal topics a high. It tends to make it great pleasure to teach within the practice-integrated coaching type. ” Regine Böhm, lecturer.How can I apply to your technical college?We look forward to receiving your application from September for the subsequent school year. Please apply directly by way of the online application form and upload the important file attachments (max two MB). If that is certainly not feasible for you personally, it is possible to also apply by mail. Please only submit copies and do not use folders or quick headers. After completing the application procedure, we destroy all papers. You may not get your documents back. We certainly offer you a feedback on your application.

Address:Evangelical College of Social Education Application Pia Kaufmannstraße 40 70195 Stuttgart.We require the following application documents from you:Application letter with your address, phone quantity and e-mail speak to Curriculum vitae with passport picture, birthday, birthplace, citizenship and college education Testimony of one’s graduation certificate or proof of an additional qualification, which complies with all the access requirements Certificate more than a six-week internship within a social education institution (not crucial, When the professional college was completed for social pedagogy or child care education) address in the carrier of its (planned) sensible point.Evangelical College of Social Education Stuttgart.We train educators – with excellent enthusiasm, for greater than 150 years, with their own specialist college kindergarten and with convincing achievement: Our graduates are very in demand and have the perfect qualified prospects.